1965 IPT: Jokowi Urged to Apologize


Thursday, 12 November, 2015 | 12:10 WIB
1965 IPT: Jokowi Urged to Apologize

TEMPO.CO, The Hague – Asvi Warman Adam, a historian who become an expert witness in the 1965 IPT in The Hague, Netherlands, urges President Joko Widodo to apologize on the violations Indonesian government made relate to September 30, 1965’s incident.

“The President should apologize on the clear and concrete case,” he said after court session on the first day, Tuesday, November 10 in The Hague.

Notion of apology as well as the settlement of the past cases have appeared near the end of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s governance but there was nothing happened until it ended. The idea continued in Jokowi’s era, but according to Asvi, certain groups has misleaded the issue as an apology to PKI (Indonesian Communist Party). This resulting in the people’s refusal for the President to apologize. The fact is the President need not to apologize to PKI. “It is hoped that the President would apologize to the victims of the human rights violation in Indonesia,” said the senior researcher from Indonesian Academy of Sciences (LIPI).

According to Asvi, there are three concrete cases that need President’s apology. First, the citizenship withdrawal for the Indonesian lived outside the state and could not go home at that time. “It’s no longer about the ease of being Indonesian citizen, but what most important is the government admits the guilt of withdrawing their citizenship.” Then, the dumping of 10 thousand people witout any court trial; and they have experienced slavery. The third, apology of the discrimination on the victims and their children who could not become civil servant, police, or serve in military agency. Asvi told that those are contradicted to indonesian constitution. “They didn’t ask to be born as victim’s children, why couldn’t they serve [the nation],” he said.

He urges President Jokowi to conduct the apology regarding the violations the latest at the end of his governance in 2019.




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