SERDANG: Just as the dust settles on MIC’s heated contest for posts today, the party has taken its first step to reclaiming its voice as representative of the Indians.

MIC today called on the Barisan Nasional leadership to outlaw the usage of the word “pendatang” (immigrant).

Party president Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said this was a sensitive issue and the common use of the word by people within and outside politics should be viewed very seriously.

“It is something that is very painful and (which) hurts Malaysians of Indian and Chinese descent, many of whom have been here for five or six generations,” he said in his presidential address during the party’s 67th annual general assembly.

Dr Subramaniam said BN leadership must come forward and say out loud that the usage of such terms in reference to the Malaysian Indian and Chinese communities will not be tolerated.

He said in a multi-racial and multi-religious nation like Malaysia, inciting racial and religious provocation posed grave consequences.

“Recognising this, it is important that BN leadership take cognition of these issues and take serious measures to address them.

“There must be effective enforcement of the laws of our country in a fair and just manner, in ensuring that all those who are involved are taken to task and face the full effect of the law, regardless of their political or social standing,” he added.


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