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  • Dirk Blocker в 09:06 18 августа
    I feel sorry for everyday Russians.  As they become more and more isolated, they become more deranged and paranoid.  It is a simple cause and effect.
  • Jethro Clampett в 06:28 18 августа
    this country, RU, has such a huge propaganda apparatus.
  • Jethro Clampett в 06:23 18 августа
    as russia flounders it speaks of the faults of other nations.
  • George Creach в 01:23 17 августа
    This concept is nothing new. After the fall of the Russian Empire the Soviet Union recreated it by annexing the breakaway parts. What is wrong with that. Any sane country would do the same.
  • General_Riggs в 08:04 16 августа
    This guy is a true imbecile.
  • General_Riggs в 08:45 14 августа
    This entire article is one piece of BS laden with one fabrication after another. All Russia does today is blame I others and whine.
  • Ronald Aleksy в 06:17 12 августа
    “Communism is a philosophy for insects” Har! Har! So what is capitalism? Seems like capitalism is a philosophy for being ruled by the top capitalist 1% and for working with rigor! That is if you can find work as close to 100 million USA citizens are now on Welfare of some kind. Capitalism is nothing but an expansion of the old feudal system in which the top 1% do very well while the bottom 99% suffer and die in the streets. Take it from me. The USA is no peoples’ paradise. And mass murder? Well no one beats the USA. Too bad you can’t ask the hundreds of thousands killed by phosphorous bombs in Hamburg and Dresden, the hundreds of thousands killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the hundreds of thousands in the USA killed by fallout from the A-bomb and H-bomb tests, and the millions killed in Korea and Vietnam by bombs, napalm, and Agent Orange.
  • Anton Moric в 00:40 09 августа
    Communism is a philosophy for insects, complete with Queen Bees and Worker Bees. Don’t fall for the lies yet again. Russia is finally free from this sick domination to pursue her own greatest good. I understand wanting to honor the many acheivements of the Russian people under the yoke of the Soviet Union. But that does not equate to honoring some of the worst mass-murderers in history. Read The Gulag Archipelago for some insight. You do not need to chain yourselves under Communism to be strong again. Far from it. Embrace your true Russian heritage, and dump the foreign commie stuff. Marx and Engles were the agents of Rothschild, Warburg, Loeb and DeKuhn… among others. Banksters and puppetmasters all. The real enemies of all Humankind.
    • Robert Nicodemo в 02:02 09 августа
      So very well said. We need all need a strong Russia so that the world is more stable, and less tilted toward American interests. But communism was destroying the Russian soul. Christianity was persecuted to almost extinction, done with utmost fervor but the party apparatus, most of them not even Russians.Yes, we  need a strong Russia, materially yes, but also in spiritual the terms. Not less than that!
  • George Washington в 09:36 06 августа
    The sons of the Prophet are brave men and bold and quite unaccustomed to fear, But the bravest by far in the ranks of the shah, Was Abdul Abulbul Amir. If you wanted a man to encourage the van, Or harass the foe from the rear, Storm fort or redoubt, you had only to shout for Abdul Abulbul Amir. Now the heroes were plenty and well known to fame in the troops that were led by the Czar, And the bravest of these was a man by the name of Ivan Skavinsky Skavar. One day this bold Russian, he shouldered his gun and donned his most truculent sneer, Downtown he did go where he tred on the toe of Abdul Abulbul Amir. “Young man,” quote Abdul,”has life grown so dull That you wish to end your career? Vile infidel know, you have trod on the toe Of Abdul Abulbul Amir. So take your last look at the sunshine and brook And send your regrets to the Czar For by this I imply, you are going to die, Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar.” Then this bold Mameluke drew his trusty skibouk, Singing, “Allah! Il Allah! Al-lah!” And with murderous intent he ferociously went for Ivan Skavinsky Skavar. They parried and thrust, they side-stepped and cussed, Of blood they spilled a great part; The philologist blokes, who seldom crack jokes, Say that hash was first made on the spot. They fought all that night neath the pale yellow moon; The din, it was heard from afar, And huge multitudes came, so great was the fame, of Abdul and Ivan Skavar. As Abdul’s long knife was extracting the life, In fact he was shouting, “Huzzah!” He felt himself struck by that wily Calmuck, Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar. The Sultan drove by in his red-breasted fly, Expecting the victor to cheer, But he only drew nigh to hear the last sigh, Of Abdul Abulbul Amir. There’s a tomb rises up where the Blue Danube rolls, And graved there in characters clear, Is, “Stranger, when passing, oh pray for the soul Of Abdul Abulbul Amir.” A splash in the Black Sea one dark moonless night Caused ripples to spread wide and far, It was made by a sack fitting close to the back, of Ivan Skavinsky Skavar. A Muscovite maiden her lone vigil keeps, Neath the light of the cold northern star, And the name that she murmurs in vain as she weeps, is Ivan Skavinsky Skavar.
  • Sarjana Lastname в 04:45 05 августа
    embar5go stinks like that, us is pusshg russia bakc to soiet, for new cold war, or why. But it still stinks soviet even country is 45% smaler. Have to rember that Ukrania had leading reolutionaries, pioners and collectives, rewarded by Lenin.
  • jovicevic в 15:16 04 августа
    One of the recent articles was about putins useful idiots – and of course answer  president do not need idiots etc…but there is one, not so useful but idiot without any doubt. To revive USSR to beat the West – every single word is wrong and “work of an idiot”. Russia is already half-way on the road to past with KGB politics and experts (even not KGB leading mind, but rather “office force” mid-range clerks like Putin himself was rank mostly were “captain or colonel”), ans the first of all with comeback of propaganda from those days (stupid – lowest of the low). No one could restore USSR, is perfectly cler but if anyone could Moscow will be last in line, with burden form the past, all of the wrongdoings to literally every neighboring state and their people (likewise Ukraine today “Ukraine -Rus” as Pravda intelligently put it). Injustice and agression, bead breth from Crmlin political mouth has maybe similar to communist one, but inner strenght of the regime does not much more, anyhow not enough support from own people, who tear present regime down in the same manner they did it with USSR and lost Gorby – man who wanted (and this is very simmilar to USSR in deed) to put communists oppression with democray and free economy hand in hand. Lying and more lies is only way for Cremlin boss (cappo di tutti cappi) to stay alive he undertands this wery well, and this is real reason for “revive” USSR or to bring West down or to kill all eneines inside “Holly Mother Russia” mambo-jumbo of all things presen and past in one bottle. Only what president really wants is to stay in power as long as he could, nething elese matters. And for such purpose he’s ready to do new and worst attrocities on the daily basis, with no sacrifice ehpencive to much to do so – keeping himsef as Godunov – impostor and peoples “champion” whom nobody ever wanted in the first place.
  • Chris Schmidt в 14:46 04 августа
    The reason they don’t account for more than 2 percent of the global income anymore is because they can’t force the former SSRs(soviet slave republics) into buying their poorly made crap anymore….what is it with Russians and mentioning Nazis at every opportunity? Is it supposed to inspire their people that 80 years ago they threw waves of poorly trained boys at the Nazis to be slaughtered until their numbers finally paid off…seriously they always act like the fact that the more Russians were killed than any other country in ww2…why is that celebrated? If theyre army wasn’t so backwards(they shot a good portion of those casualties themselves BTW) and its generals weren’t in mass graves somewhere on the whim of a paranoid little man, then the casualty rates would be a lot more in line with other countries
  • Jani Välikangas в 00:29 04 августа
    Chill down dudes we live under the same stars:)  war takes human lives and its cost a lot…
  • Europaa Unitaa в 21:56 03 августа
    Russia will revive a Nazi Germany state, not the Soviet Union.
  • Nick Kelly в 18:34 02 августа
    And you wonder why all Russia’s neigbors want to join Nato
  • Goeran Johansson в 09:49 02 августа
    It is completely insufficient to recreate the Soviet Union. Ideologically, the sense that one means to take back the Communism, it will also weld the West even more and trigger a stronger NATO. Now that Putin is leading Russia within the BRICS and the SCO is much more effective. Now, the world is multipolar and the petro ollar and the Bretton Woods system seems basically gone out of the game. Russia operates militarily with China. Russia should have learned by now that one needs to keep the thumb in the eye of the West and not to be dependent financially. Putin seems to have understood it after Ukraine coup in February last year. Now he is uniting the whole world against USA/Canada Europe(or parts of Europe) plus Australia . His tactics seems to be to surround them and fetter their hands with the political economic and even military tools. He is  really a Geostrategic Russian Icon
    • Jan Rodricks в 07:29 05 августа
      The problem with the assertion that Putin “is uniting the world against the West” is that Chinese and Russian territorial expansionism has made the West the security blanket for the industrialized world.  Russia’s Sudetenland-like invasion of Crimea, China’s unilateral claims to ownership of South and East China Seas and Arunachal Pradesh in India, have been the greatest gift to US foreign policy since the collapse of the USSR.
  • Rajiv Gupta в 10:12 01 августа
    Collapse of Soviet Union was one of the greatest tragedies for mankind. This tragedy was schemed, planned and orchestrated by western nations, particularly the USA. Unfortunately, revival of Soviet Union is unlikely, however, one may wish for it. The best Russia can do now is to preserve Russian Federation intact and not fall into the trap of Western Powers (mainly USA).
    • chad davenport в 07:35 14 августа
      Well said by a true intellectual.  Russia will only grow stronger as it learns how to play the economic game of free market competition.   I don’t think Russia will ever get back to a centrally planned economy, though it should probably increase its defense budget due to the u.s.  the u.s. spends more on it’s military than the rest of the world combined and what has it gotten them?  Rampant poverty, crime, mental illness, incarceration, filth, and infrastructural decay.  You wonder how they can even come up with some “sophisticated weapons” in the first place.  But no matter, a nuclear war is the great equalizer.  not even the elites would be able to survive a fraction of what Russia can deliver.
    • Jan Rodricks в 08:03 05 августа
      I’m amazed by the power a few Russians attribute to the United States. It seems all America has outmaneuvered Russia at every turn, according to them.  Every bad thing that happens to Russia, they see the US behind it.  How convenient to blame US for USSR’s collapse, rather than to look at the USSR’s own centrally planned, closed economy.  How does a minor bureaucrat like Putin, who has never worked a day in his life outside government, become a multi-billionaire?  Democratic Russia was on its way to the international greatness the Russian people deserve. So what happened?  Of course Putin blames the US for a rainy day or a plague of locusts, otherwise Russians might wonder why they are still so poor while their president and his friends have become some of the richest people on earth.
  • banan1234 в 09:03 01 августа
    It is really scary to see how Putin is using his propaganda machine to revive some aspects of the USSR.  One example is his “military disneyland” outside Moscow, opened in June this year.  There children can play with grenade launchers instead of riding rollercoasters.  People buy fridge magnets with pictures of Putin and mass murderers Stalin and Beria.  Quite disgusting.  Another example is the city of Perm: Until recently it was possible to visit one of the Gulag concentration camps.  Tens of millions of people were sent to the Gulags in order to work as slaves or to freeze and starve to death.  Ukrainians, political opponents of Stalin, Latvians, priests, Estonians, Russian military officers, Gypsies, homosexuals and others were sent there.  People could be made slaves for the most stupid little details.  The philosopher Lev Gumiljov get 10 years as a slave in Gulag because he made a joke about Stalin in a kitchen in Leningrad, and this was reported to the communist dictators.  During the Holodomor, when the Russians starved millions of Ukrainians to death, a young girl got ten years in prison for picking up a handful of wheat after a field had been harvested.  Now the place has been changed into a place for celebrating the contribution the camp made in make timber for use in the World War II.  There is no longer any emphasis on the horrible mass murders, the disgusting conditions the slaves lived under, the extreme political repression and so on.  The Stalin terror is described as something positive.  There is no mentioning of Stalin starting World War II in close cooperation with Hitler.  It is not mentioned that Stalin and the other communists murdered many more people than Hitler, that the communists occupied many countries for much longer time than the nazis were able to do, and so on.  It is really disgusting how Putler is “reviving the Soviet Union”.
  • Jabez Clay в 01:32 31 июля
    the soviet union is over and will not come back, so get over it will never happen, you can talk all you want
  • solerso68 в 01:30 30 июля
    Truth!!! The people of Russia were not consulted by the traitors in 91!! Russian capitalism is illegitimate!!!
  • Rita Lama в 22:46 29 июля
    Sad comments… At one side, venomous, deceitful attacks against the Soviet Union; at the other, a weak defence, not reminding the reader of the decades of boycott and conspiracies against the Soviet Union (Cold War), which brainwashed the people to the point that they performed against their own interest…   The Soviet propaganda was ineffective in comparison with the powerful Western propaganda AGAINST the Soviet Union – it infiltrated all the republics and corrupted many people.   It was all about money, profit, privilege…   While the people in the Soviet Union had so many free benefits, in the West the Welfare State was a desperate way to cope with the Soviet Union – if the state did not offer these benefits, there would be a revolution!  Without the Soviet Union, there would be no reason to provide assistance to the workers, right?   This is the reason why the West privatised those benefits in the last two decades after the ‘collapse’ of the Soviet Union.   And what to say about the people of the exploited, abused Third World (comprised of ex-colonies and other exploited countries)?   We NEVER had any right – no benefits, no freedom.   Yes, but we looked at the Soviet Union and we DREAMED!   The end of the Soviet Union was the biggest disaster humanity ever had…   Now, we look with hope again to Russia, to Mr Putin, to the Russian people – it is so sad, because you, Russians, have this enormous responsibility to save themselves from the vultures, assassins of the West – while saving the whole world at the same time!   It is your destiny, I’m afraid…   I respect the Russian people more than anything else in my life, and I wish them the best luck!
    • Jan Rodricks в 08:14 05 августа
      Most of western Europe has had cradle to grave socialism far superior to anything offered by the USSR.  If you’re looking for nations to save the world, I would suggest looking to the likes of Norway or France.
    • thegoodgerman в 20:30 01 августа
    • banan1234 в 09:27 01 августа
      Rita Lama, it is sad to see a Stalin-nostalgist here.  The collapse of the Soviet Union was one of the most fantastic events in world history.  Countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania got their freedom back, after having been occupied by the Russians for decades.  The Russian communists could not any longer contribute to maintaining the communist dictatorships in Poland, Eastern Germany, Czhechoslovakia, Hungary and so on.  The people in Eastern Germany were not longer imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain.  A period of strong economic growth started, since the communist bureaucrats couldn’t stop people from creating value any more.  The propaganda lies about a communist “dream” stopped when the communist nightmare ended.  Military expenditure in Eastern Europe went down, and because of that the military budgets in the developed world could also be reduced.  Communism and nazism are the two worst disasters that have ever struck mankind.
      • Rita Lama в 18:27 06 августа
        You are soooo wrong, Mr banana (you are wrong all the time, aren’t you?)…  As I said previously, there was a filthy Western propaganda in the Soviet Union that brainwashed the people to believe that the so-called ‘Western freedom’ was a paradise.  What a pity that they believed in this deceiving propaganda…  What kind of freedom you refer to, Mr banana???  Just look at Africa and Latin America today (as well as half a century ago) and you will have a good idea of what ‘Western freedom’ is all about:  it is about freedom for foreign big businesses to grab big profits from these countries, it is about freedom for foreign corporations to grab the resources of these countries, it is about freedom for making 99% of the people poor and controlled by the local corrupt elite linked to these foreign interests.  Your name, Mr banana, is the same of a tropical fruit – banana – whose production in the warm Central America has been at the hands of American corporations for over a century, making use of a labour that they have been keeping miserable all this time…  Banana is the gold of the imperialists in these countries!  I am Latin America and I am not young – I know that over the last 50 years millions of people have been killed by imperialist interests in Latin America and Africa.  IS THIS FREEDOM, Mr babana?  To us, over 6 billion people in the oppressed, exploited Third World, freedom is what people had in the old Soviet Union.  And, yes, the idea is not dead.  Marx and Lenin were right (they were social scientists, not politicians), and the world system will eventually evolve further, to socialism and then communism.
      • thegoodgerman в 20:31 01 августа
        Banana–you are a nin-cum-poop.
  • Дебилы Блять в 21:43 29 июля
    Russia knows that the US and its vassals are not to be trusted in any shape or form
  • Tom Brite в 21:26 29 июля
    Russia held all of Eastern Europe as slaves for 50 years and now wants to do it again. Perhaps it is also time for a new Stalin who will murder of his fellow citizens? Russia should worry more about building and diversifying a weak economy.
    • megajet98 в 06:45 01 августа
      yeah and Napolion was a conquer so the France are up to something… and the Americans killed the natives and stole there land cant be trusted and held slaves from Africa bought from there friends the Arabs.. Japanese well harikiri fill in yourself Afrika was captering its own civillians so bad Arabs were selling the capetered civilions….and still keeping slaves barbarije. Germans woah they had Hitler so lets kill them all! Tom brite:Is there not enough killing going on atm oekraine Syrië and a few other arabic countries? Maybe its time to stop calling for murder.
      • Chris Schmidt в 14:57 04 августа
        Yet Russia is the only country that looks back on its period of chaos nostalgically and hopes for a speedy return…most of the posters here aren’t even old enough to have suffered under the Soviet Union and have no idea what theyre talking about…if the Soviet Union existed today, none of these discussions would be going on because the internet would be heavily censored to them…go live in North Korea for a few years and let us know how you enjoy the glorious freedom of captivity
    • bluestarstorm в 02:26 30 июля
      Yeah, Yeah. Slavery with total social security, free healthcare, free education, decent employment wages, decent work hours, workplace security, retiring at a reasonable age, paid vacations. Even a chance at a political career by joining politics and coming to a point in ~30 years of political career – which is something you can never do in the west unless you are a billionaire …….. Yeah, they shouldnt return to those times at all. Now with mass unemployment and the unemployed being left to their own devices while western banks go for eating up the social security money of the retired its MUCH better!!! They are not slaves at all – they are ‘free’ men…. As much as the size of their wallets, of course. But hey – ~10 of the society is living in luxury. thats good.
      • Jan Rodricks в 08:26 05 августа
        In USSR, the colors of toothbrushes available in Vladivostok were determined by a bureaucrat in Moscow.  How could such an obviously efficient system not have prospered (sarcastic humor light ‘ON’)
    • solerso68 в 01:29 30 июля
      This is US propaganda. Show me any reference at all from history and not some capitalist – cracker American politician that ANY (much less “all”) of Eastern Europe was held in such a terrible relationship to Russia as you describe..You CANT! Because such litanies of old American cold war propaganda are self referencing delusion having nothing to do with the truth.
      • Jan Rodricks в 08:30 05 августа
        The best evidence of Soviet neighbors’ hostility to Russia is the rapidity with which they joined NATO for protection after the fall of USSR.Let me guess, your response will be “the US manipulated the poor Poles and Lithuanians to act against their interests”.  Some Russians seem to believe American is so pwoerful and cunning, I’m surprised they aren’t cowering in their closets in fear this very moment! (humor light ‘ON’)
      • Chris Schmidt в 15:07 04 августа
        So you’re saying that the SSRs were members of the Soviet Union by choice? Anytime you have to build a wall to keep people from fleeing by the millions you’re clearly not doing them any favors. You clearly need to do some fact checking because there are thousands of sources referencing exactly what you claim doesn’t exist.
  • kc4cvh . в 19:23 29 июля
    Through days dark and stormy, the Great Lenin led usOur Eyes saw the bright Sun of Freedom above.And Stalin, our Leader, with faith in the PeopleInspired us to build up the land that we love…
  • Alex Semen в 10:09 29 июля
    Yoto Dau , you can not understand the simpliest thing.Why are you so ignorant and dazzeld confused about terms and concepts ! Yes two neurons are not enough to be able to write soemthing intelligent !
  • Yoto Dau в 07:51 29 июля
    Eastern europeans are sick and tired of soviet friendship.  45 years of communism was simply enough.  Russia? No, thanx.
    • bluestarstorm в 02:25 30 июля
      Yeah. They are sick of total social security, free healthcare, free education, decent employment wages, decent work hours, workplace security, retiring at a reasonable age, paid vacations…….. They shouldnt return to those times at all. Now with mass unemployment and the unemployed being left to their own devices while western banks go for eating up the social security money of the retired its MUCH better!!!
  • Peter May в 03:37 29 июля
    ” Anyone who does not regret the passing of the Soviet Union has no heart; anyone who wishes for its return has no brain” Vladimir Putin
    • Jan Rodricks в 08:38 05 августа
      Stolen from a political comment by Francois Guisot (1787-1874): “Not to be a republican at twenty is proof of want of heart; to be one at thirty is proof of want of head.”
    • Laszlo Kiss в 05:15 03 августа
      Russia is not so bad I have grow up under the Cold War in EUROPA PROPAGANDA was on east and west .
  • Mohammad Arif в 23:20 28 июля
    The Russians’ bright future may rely on bring back Soviet Union, otherwise it may be collapse years after years and west will occupy the in Russian and Russian people will become their slave. Why the Rusian people forgotten the Great Russian Revolution which was again the west.
  • Дебилы Блять в 22:59 28 июля
    The British Empire Is Crumbling, The Way Is Clear for a New Global Era. The British Empire system is continuing to collapse under the weight of the implosion of its financial system. We have been living in a world of folly, of believing in the dollar, in monetary values, instead of the creative, productive values, Lyndon LaRouche told a gathering in Manhattan on Saturday.  LaRouche told the participants, the future of Mankind depends on rejecting these mathematical approaches and getting back to some principled standards which are human physical standards. Not mathematical standards, human standards.  The increase of the productive powers of labor as represented by the applications of physical principles of development, which can be applied by the practice of human beings.To do this, the British monarchy and its stooge Obama must be swept away and a new presidency must be brought into existence that will collaborate with Russia, China, and the rest of the BRICS nations.  That process is continuing. As the Empire collapses, more countries and institutions are distancing themselves from the collapsing system.
  • Дебилы Блять в 22:24 28 июля
     The US Dollar and Bretton Woods are Finished: The BRICS/SCO Summits in Ufa Mark the Start of a “Silk World Order”!!! Get ready for ground shattering geopolitical changes. At the crossroads of Asia and Europe, it has been decided that the Russian city of Ufa will be the point of convergence for all the initiatives and projects of the Silk World Order of trade and integration that China and Russia are spearheading. Ufa, which is the capital of Russia’s Bashkortostan, is being used to simultaneously host an extraordinary summit for both the BRICS—which has increasing become an alternative forum to that of the G7—and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) respectively from July 8 to 9 and from July 9 to 10, 2015.
  • kc4cvh . в 21:26 28 июля
    In the Soviet Union, Lenin was The Messiah, and Stalin, his Holy Prophet. Adherents of other religions were persecuted, imprisoned in the gulag or killed
    • Alex Semen в 10:13 29 июля
      … and what happened in Europe, the European colonies , South America( Conquista!) and in USA with tens of millions of natives and the legal owners of the territory !!??? Please be decent and try the honesty when acussing someone, look inside your society which was by far much more criminal than that of Stalin and Lenin.
      • Jan Rodricks в 08:56 05 августа
        The 19th century’s greatest genocide was Russia’s mass murder of the Circassians, estimated at 1,500,000 or about 90% of the population.  This is roughly 20X the number of native Americans who died at the hands of the 19th century US Army from 1850-1890.
      • Jan Rodricks в 08:43 05 августа
        Difference being, the West does not deify its mass murderers like Russia and CHina seem to be doing.  You won’t find thousands of American singing and weeping with emotion before statues of Jefferson Davis (as the Chinese are taught to do with Mao), or Belgians longing for King Leopold.
      • banan1234 в 09:36 01 августа
        Alex: Yes, we agree that what the conquistadors did 300 years ago was wrong.  E.g., some of them had diseases, and these diseases spread among the natives of South America.  Millions of natives died, since their immune systems were not used to the viruses and bacteria that were common in Europe.  But it is pathetic if this is used as an excuse for the communist mass murderers who kept millions of people as slaves in the Gulags from the 1930-ies and onwards.  Mass murderers like Stalin do NOT become “heroes” because somebody else did something wrong hundreds of years earlier.
  • Дебилы Блять в 20:57 28 июля
    Import Fail: Ukraine Replaces Russian Gas With…Russian Gas!!!! Kiev halted gas imports from Russia earlier this month citing a price issue, leaving it dependent on European supplies. However, the devil is always in the details: Ukraine’s main energy supplier Slovakia is also receiving its natural gas from Russia. Glory to Ukraine! To heroes glory!
  • Дебилы Блять в 20:37 28 июля
    The Washington morons think that they are isolating Russia, but what the fools are doing is isolating Washington and its vassals from the world. The large, important countries of Asia, Africa, and South America are allied with Russia, not with Washington. The BRICS–Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa–have created their own development bank and are conducting trade among themselves in their own currencies without use of the US dollar, the failing «world reserve currency».
    • Yoshihiro Takayama в 21:06 28 июля
      Are you sure? Can you be more specific about these alliances. As it has been stated several times before: both Europe and the United States are a magnitude bigger trading partners in the world than Russia. Russian economy is small. Russians have little goods aside hydrocarbon combustibles to sell and little money  to buy. Washington is not isolating Russia. Russian generals and politicians are doing the job. Money is fleeing Russia. Washington has little to do with it. The pricks affiliated economies  can trade with other currencies than dollar. Dollar is merely a tender.
      • Hans Wust в 04:35 31 июля
        As Russians built Saint Petersburg with no foreign loans, they will build an alternative world order along with other nations also interested and working already on their independence from the slavery of Western Banksters that also oppress the common people in the USA and Europe.Some few decades ago you must have been saying that China would never develop at the Usian (from the USA, short from unitedstatian, sorry that that country doesn’t have an own name) level and behold, it has already surpassed it in several issues such as anti-ship milita technology, software and poisonfree health.
        • thegoodgerman в 21:09 01 августа
          Yes, indeed, Hans. And they built it beautiful. Whereas, everything the US built is cheap and ugly. America does not support its artists.
  • DirtyJobsInRE в 19:54 28 июля
    Are you stupid? No, you don’t need to revive the Soviet Union to counter the West. You just need to wait. Seriously, we’re on our way out. Just look at our economy.
  • James F. Hazel в 15:10 28 июля
    The Soviet Union should have reformed it’s economy the way China did.  The old Soviet Union cannot be restored, BUT the new EURASIAN UNION must not make the same mistakes as the Soviets.  We need a new kind of SOCIALISM based based on a Spiritual and not materialist ideology.
    • Hans Wust в 04:46 31 июля
      It was lack of experience in dealing with those wolves. The Soviet Union established a system that pursued the welfare of its citizens above the financial success. As the outcome of the agreements in Bretton Woods and later with Saude Arabia, all Western World and even some Asian ones were tied to the US$ that the USA would only print to become richer. The bill was paid by common citizens via higher prices and less sevice from the State but the industrial military complex and international monetray system grew exponentially. The economic war against the Soviet Union succeeded in the wake of Saudi Arab overproduction and stirring up tensions in the Warsaw Pact allies. Now, all those “independent” countries have awoken to a slave life with the chains of E(x)ternal Debts and USA-controlled economy. The Beast is the USA and its prophet is Germany.
    • Alex Semen в 10:16 29 июля
      Totally agreed !
  • Yoshihiro Takayama в 14:33 28 июля
    It was a Russian offensive. Russian military assaulted the Slavic brothers in Ukraine. Not Europe nor the United States are pressing Russia anyhow. Or can you give one example about this. The Soviet Union didn’t not collapse since a betrayal. The Soviet Union collapsed because it was rotten to the core. Only imbeciles yearn back anything like that. Russians want to spend their time queueing milk, bread and cabbage only to find out at the other end of the line that there is no milk, bread nor cabbage on the shelves anymore? The Soviet Union was Hell on Earth. The Soviet Union can be restored alright. However, it wouldn’t have the same boundaries as did the previous Soviet Union. For instance Ukraine and the Baltic countries definitely stay as far away as possible. Russia will also collapse. It won’t be a result of a betrayal either. But of pathetic administration. Lack of thought. Ubermensch syndrome making patients to hallucinate that they are able to seize foreign lands with impunity, without any strain whatsoever from outside world. Only a fool betrays himself in such a fashion. Russia is in ruins economically. Is little Putte in ruins? Of course not. He is keeping his sticky fingers in the pockets of the fellow Russians. Truly an amiable man. Quite darling. Great leader. Father of the nation. However, generals probably have seen the little runt much enough and the Last Supper will be behind the corner. This time there will be no Judas Iskariot.
    • Alex Semen в 10:25 29 июля
      Yoshihiro takayama You are the head full of the s..t of the Washington imbecility propaganda and lies ! Or are all Japs become so degenerate after the atomic treatement with nukes from USA/Fukushima( USA technology and project !) Japs moronic slaves of the USA idiocracy !
      • Jan Rodricks в 09:17 05 августа
        Mr. Semen,  The average Japanese lives far better than the average Russian or Chinese. Japan has a magnificent culture that Russia could learn much from, if you would take time away from stomping your feet and beating your chest for a moment.
  • mishka_kyiv в 12:50 28 июля
    “Why did we give away Ukraine, Kiev and other cities, where our forefathers were dying defending that land?” ???  Mr Fyodorov meant to say, we invaded Ukraine ourselves, occupied it, russified it, and then we defended our colony.  Much more accurate.   Same for Baltics etc   Interesting mentality that this idiot thinks russia had/has right to take and give away another country. What a sickness these russians have.
  • Thefarmer55 в 08:51 28 июля
    Sometimes it is really sad to find out the truth behind the propagandat. It has been said  many times before that Russian nationalism, combined with stalinist mentality, is on the rise in the new Russia. That  this is the case is beyond any doubts proved by this  State Duma deputy, Yevgeny Feodorov, in this article. How this mentality works! Well….. to sum it up this means that: what  once was  mine must be mine again,  and what once was yours, but it is mine now, must remain mine forever. And the deputy gave us a practical  example in this sense. He said that Kiev was once part of Russian Empire and it should come back to Russia’s chest again, while Kuril Islands, which were  Japan’s for 2000 years and which were illegally annexed by Soviet Union in the wake of World War II, must remain Russian forever. Of course, what  Japoneses and Ukrainians want it is of no concern for this Russian deputy. With such a mentality it is no a  surprise at all that Russian’s neighbours  have turn to NATO for protection. Soviet Union was an artificial construct based  not on the will of its peoples to live together, but on the armed force imposed upon them to stay together. But as forced love cannot last forever, this “red empire” too crumbled  as did many other empires along the time. To revive the empire it is not possible, but to daydreem about that, yes it is, but only  there where ” vodka is free, as was the case in the former Soviet Union. And of course, that cannot be done than by missleading the Russian people  into beliving that NATO, the West and America are at Russia’s gates ready to sweep it off the map. However, Russian’s elite – those who usually  spend their  holidays all across the world –  and Russian new generation –  those who read not only Russian propaganda – are not prepared to give up  their lives to resurrect a dead body, Soviet Union. What will do the new Bolsheviks? Kill them all, as their forefathers did in 1917 -1920 with all those who opposed their ” red ideology “!!!!. The answer lies with Russian people only. If they are a simple ” mass of maneuver” for those “heated leaders”, whose nationalism and stalinism are so “hot”, then the future is bleak. But if, quite the contrary, they are able  assert their free will and not buy the trick with NATO in role of “bau,bau”, then the future might  be much much brighter.
    • banan1234 в 09:59 28 июля
      Very well expressed, Thefarmer55.  The main problem in Russia is the combination of propaganda lies and nationalism/imperialism, leading to aggression, hate and war.
  • Ronald Aleksy в 07:44 28 июля
    I agree with the comment by Timothy John Bancroft-Hinchey. However, I believe that the Soviet Union was dissolved to promote scientific innovation to compete with the West. There would have been no need for it except for the capitalist aggression of the top USA capitalist 1%. The world playing field has now become more level thanks to Putin.
    • banan1234 в 10:03 28 июля
      Ronald, you write that “the Soviet Union was dissolved to promote scientific innovation to compete with the West”???  What a very, very strange point of view!  The collapse of communism came because millions and millions of people had had enough of the poverty, repression and corruption that always come with communist dictatorships.  The millions walking in the streets protesting against the dictators obviously did not do this primarily because they wanted to “promote scientific innovation”.  The writers and some commenters at Pravda have really strange perceptions of reality.
      • Evan Raftery в 10:34 28 июля
        Banana. Ronald is correct. The people of the USSR actually voted to remain in the Soviet Union. The Ukrainians did as well. I did not see any large scale civil insurrections in the USSR even in the western media.
        • banan1234 в 11:39 28 июля
          Evan, if you didn’t see any large scale civil insurrection leading to the collapse of the Soviet “Union” (Russia plus the countries occupied by Russia), then you must have had your eyes closed.  Media had lots of coverage of this internationally.  One good overview is given in the wikipedia article named “Revolutions of 1989”.  —  There had been many large scale civil insurrections long before the final collapse of the communism, but they had always been stopped by brutal means, either by sending the opposition to starve and freeze to death in Siberia, or by sending in tanks like we saw in the Prague spring in 1968.  But when Gorbachov stated that he would no longer send in the military to murder people wanting freedom, communism was doomed.  More recently, Putin has stated that large scale insurrections from the people must be stopped, and he is proving this by imprisoning peope from the opposition (when they are not shot to death).
  • devon devon в 07:26 28 июля
    The combined GDP of the 15 former Soviet states (including Russia) was about 2.8 trillion dollars last year , the same size as France which was the sixth largest economy in 2014. The US GDP in 2014, was 17.4 trillion dollars, making it 6.4 times larger than the combined GDP of the  former Soviet Union.  Reviving former Soviet states (and many of those do not ) would still not pose a challenge to the West as the combined GDP of those other 14 states (excluding Russia) is just barley larger than the state of Florida in the USA.
  • Rita Szentendrey в 01:38 28 июля
  • Rita Szentendrey в 01:37 28 июля
  • Timothy John Bancroft-Hinchey в 01:30 28 июля
    The Soviet Union was dissolved as per its Constitution in a top-down approach without public consultation, causing massive riots. The Soviet Union provided free and excellent maternal care, free and excellent basic, middle and secondary education, free and excellent higher education, illiteracy rates of near to zero, then a guaranteed job, a free home = free housing, free electricity, free gas, free water, fixed rate telephone charge, subsidized or free transportation, free and proficient healthcare, including dental care, free basic necessities, even free vodka. In many cases a car was provided, gasoline was free. Social mobility was guaranteed, you could walk anywhere any time of day or night, you had leisure time activities and even training in music, ballet, sports, acrobatics, you name it, provided for free, there were youth movements, the Pioneers, Komsomol and so on, there was placement to work abroad if you applied, there was security on the streets, you did not find them crawling with drug addicts, there was safety of the State, and there was an external aid program amounting to 250 billion USD per annum to help countries freed from the yoke of Imperialist tyranny.
    • thegoodgerman в 21:18 01 августа
      Thank you, Tim
    • Yoshihiro Takayama в 15:57 28 июля
      What’s the point to guarantee a job? What good does such a practice provide? In the year 1990 I visited Warsaw which was in transition from Communism to something else. I was after a street map. Finally I came across a book store selling them. A “three stage queueing scheme” so popular in the Communist world was still in place in the shop. First clients are queueing to tell what they want to buy. Then they are queueing to receive a slip listing the purchase. Then they are queueing to pay and receive the items they just bought. Lots of staff with regular jobs but I am not convinced how the work in the shop was organized. The Soviet house building was appalling. I am a far cry of being an expert and yet I can visualize. And what I have seen has astonished me. In the developed countries such shanties would have closed and sealed as unsuitable for human living quarters. There was a Swedish study back in 1980’s which pointed out that in formalized and comparable environments Russian builings of residence consumed eight times more heating energy than buildings in the Nordic countries. In Russia typical insulation (when there was any) material was straw. Yes, straw. Naturally elements were not in their measures providing a nice blow inside outside. And thermostats attached to the radiators were naturally an unknow gadget to the Russian engeneering. Thus, the more freezing outdoors, the more sweating indoors. In chilly winter weather lots of windows were open to ease the scorching heat inside. Electricity and phone lines were perhaps free but availability was another issue. Why should they be free one might wonder. Russians didn’t see much cars. Lada was a luxury item. There were Volgas, Moskvitshes and so on as well but as automobiles they represented Communism excellently: they were horse manure. Gasoline was so poorly refined that the engine parts literally burnt down as time passed. Subsidized transportation is common all over the world. When most or all of the expenses are subsidized, it is one sure instrument to remain poor. Vodka is poison to the human system. The life expectancy for Russian males is less that 60 years in average. Vodka has a lot to do with it. You don’t need to re-establish the Soviet Union to introduce these hellish properties you listed. They can be implemented in any country. Let’s say in Russia.
    • banan1234 в 11:07 28 июля
      Konstantin Karpov (“Timi”, “Timothy Bancroft”, “Timofei Belov”, “Schnabel Brei”, “Constantin Christian”, “Timothy John Bancroft-Hinchey” and so on) claims that the Soviet “Union” was “dissolved” in a “top-down approach without public consultation, causing massive riots”.  This is completely wrong.  The collapse of the Soviet Union and communism started with massive demonstrations in the countries occupied by Russia.  The politicians were not longer able to suppress the people.  The propagana lies were too obvious.  People in the USSR were living under very harsh conditions.  Many essential goods could only be bought using rationing cards (hence the use of the propaganda word “free”, since rationing cards don’t count as money among the Stalinists).  “Jobs” were available (in fact often involuntarily assigned) to everybody, and the common saying was that “They pretend to pay us, so we pretend to work”.  Many had to “work” in the Gulag labor camps in Siberia, where many tens of millions of people were sent to work.  And several tens of millions died up there, since there was often insufficient heating and insufficient food available.  The reason why they had to “work” there (so they should die) could be that they were Ukrainians, political opponents of mass murderer Stalin, Latvians, priests, Estonians, rich, Lithuanians, officers in the Russian Army, homosexuals, or just that Stalin was mad.  —  The “external aid” program was to a large degree about supporting communist dictatorships around the world.  Especially Eastern Germany got a lot of money from the Soviet “Union”, since it was adjacent to the free and prosperous Western Germany, and the communists wanted to show off the “success” of communism.  But even with the billions pumped in to Eastern Germany, there was an extremely striking contrast between the rich, prosperous, free, democratic Western Germany and the poor, repressed, dictatorial, sad Eastern Germany.  The “youth movement”, especially the Pioneers, were communist propaganda tools used to brain wash even children.  The first paragraph in the rules of the Pioneers sad that the main purpose was to spread the ideas of Lenin (the ideas that have proven to be such an extreme and utter failure).  The distribution of free vodka says much about the Russian mentality.  About the “free” cars, it was said that “the people owned everything, including the cars, but only the top members of the communist party could use them”.  The communists murdered more innocent people than the nazis did, the communists occupied many countries for a much longer time than the nazis did, the communists and the nazis started World War I together, and the communists have made the lives miserable for more than a billion persons.  Nazism and communism are the two worst disasters that have ever struck mankind.

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